Unknown drawing

Rarely do conventional artistic media appear in The Museum of IF collection. This pencil and ink drawing is therefore something of a unique item. Made on cartridge paper with a standard pencil, this item inherently embodies a large number of human traits. This ranges from the scale of the paper – both easy to handle and in line with recognised proportions – to the hand eye co-ordination required for the filling of discrete spaces and the more advanced attempt to depict 3-Dimensional folds.

In places it is evident that the ink was applied to the paper first. The form it takes suggest that the ink was applied to a more pliable material and then pressed against the surface of the paper to create an arbitrary motif. Care seems to have been taken to leave white bits of paper and to ensure the patterns are not ‘flattened out’.

The drawing appears on this surface like something imagined in clouds. Rather than offer completely recognisable forms – like faces or animals – the person or people drawing on top of this image seem to be concerned with something that deals with concealment and enfolding. In places the pencil drawing blends into the lines of the ink, but in other places, particularly where clear broad white lines have been left (perhaps to resemble a skeleton or supports) it is set in contrast to the undulating tones of the ink. The orchestrated handling of this image suggests that it was a single person rather than a collaborative effort. Depending on how drawing is taught within a culture it might reasonably be the work of someone around 8-years-old or above.

The rendered object does not appear to stand on anything. Despite having volume therefore, it seems to explore the imaginary plane of the paper’s surface to create a number of fictions, crossing the dimensions of the crumpled printing surface through to the drawn fabric undulations and flat shadow in the centre. It remains something of a spectre, destined to remain as incomplete as it is trapped between different forms of representation.

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